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如果你在 AppStore 或者 GooglePlay 上发布了基于 Framework7 开发的应用,或者你有有趣的Framework7 Web App,不要犹豫,赶紧联系一下作者(info@idangero.us)吧 ,你的应用很可能会被放在这个页面。

Point Movie

The app is about TV or film communication, lots of cast finding player on this app platform, you can share your movie photo on PointMovie, find actor, director, writer, or anything about a movie. You can also share your movies history, get more friends who love movies as you.

Lipiciosii - dating in Romania

Lipicioşii is the most popular social networking and dating app in Romania.

Look on photos of boys and girls, meet with new people through chat or discussions on the forum, all in a friendly atmosphere.


PRSM is a photo editing app to add amazing geometric prism effects to your photos.

PRSM includes many amazing prism effects, with a style suited to virtually every photograph, and is a perfect companion app for Instagram to enhance your PRSM effects even further.

Share your PRSM photos using the hashtag #MADEWITHPRSM on Twitter and Instagram


Push the pixels around the screen, join all the pixels of the same color together to beat the level. Same colored pixels stick together when they touch.

Are you a pixel master?

Play the first 20 levels for free, unlock the additional 60 levels with a single in-app purchase (which also removes the ads)

Monterey EMS

Monterey County EMS application allows emergency personnel the quick and concise information needed for on or off duty reference.


Local restaurants and lunch guide app

Celebrations of June FULL

There are dozens and hundreds of holidays and celebrations in the world, you can't remember them all, of course. But it's much easier to know what's happening in the world within a shorter period of time. For example during a month!

Celebrations Of June represents all of the most exciting and interesting holidays and celebrations of June worldwide! Now you can learn more about your favorite holidays or find out something new! With Celebrations Of June you won't need to create notifications to congratulate your friends abroad with their national holidays - all holidays are right here!

Celebrations of June

There are dozens and hundreds of holidays and celebrations in the world, you can't remember them all, of course. But it's much easier to know what's happening in the world within a shorter period of time. For example during a month!

Celebrations Of June represents all of the most exciting and interesting holidays and celebrations of June worldwide! Now you can learn more about your favorite holidays or find out something new! With Celebrations Of June you won't need to create notifications to congratulate your friends abroad with their national holidays - all holidays are right here!

CCC Directory

It is an application for CCC Business Directory. User can browser all listing and register own company or organisation to CCC Directory.

Sprint Social

The first short distance running app - race your friends anywhere, any time. Sprint Social combines the proven benefits of short bursts of high intensity exercise with the motivation of exercising with friends, even if they're not by your side.

Sprint Social harnesses the motivation of exercising with and challenging your Facebook friends, whatever your schedule or theirs. Race side by side, or across time zones and continents. Sprint Social uses Apple's gait recognition to measure your run. That means no waiting for GPS to lock on, no worries about privacy, no difference whether you're inside on a treadmill or out on your favourite 100m stretch.

Apple Watch app included!

Your Apple Watch will notify you when friends accept your challenge of a one to one sprint, when your friends challenge you to a sprint and displays the time of your last race. Always with you, Sprint Social reminds you how hard you worked and motivates you to keep it up, one short sprint at a time.


TeamSpender helps you easily log all collective spends in trips, travels and any kind of events.

From time to time/Ocasionally we all go on trips or travel with our friends, make parties and go to cinema, where someone pays, for example, on the gas station, another one buys cinema tickets for all and at last it’s hard to understand, who to whom and how much owes.

TeamSpender counts all your spends and controls all expenses of your group.

You can choose different currencies and travel all over the world. You don’t need to worry about debts calculation. Just add new transaction - this is as a piece of cake.

This application shows, how much all members owes to each other. And most importantly hints you an easy way to get out of debt. Nobody will doubt anymore, whom he owes and why so much! Teamspender makes plain all expenses and calculations and shows you detailed statistic by persons and goals.

掌上嘉康利 (Pocket Shaklee)

Shopping app for Shaklee medical products

Series Seven

Series Seven allows you to track your favorite TV shows and easily get all information about TV show. You’ll never miss new episode of your favorite show with Series Seven

App Features:

  • Huge TV shows database
  • Mark and track watched episodes
  • Full overview for each TV show: synopsis, air time, cast, episodes list
  • Calculate time spent watching TV shows
  • TV shows calendar / timeline
  • Premieres calendar
  • Watch trailers for any TV show
  • Each episode overview and comments
  • Get notifications when new episode out
  • Trending and popular shows
  • Add shows to bookmarks
  • Authentication with Trakt account
  • Trakt-synchronized check ins
  • Add new comments to episodes

Радио "За облаками" (Radio "Za Oblakami")

Local Russian radio station app. News, DJ photos and online radio streaming


Hemos trabajado mucho hasta lograr una aplicación que se adaptara a tí.
Con ella podrás llevar un control completo de tu dieta y se convertirá en una herramienta indispensable.
En esta app podrás encontrar diferentes apartados que te faciliten el seguimiento de la dieta.

Klass 9F

This app is specifically developed for class 9F, Flahultsskolan, Sweden. App shows homework and the timetable for the week. It also contains a simple chat window and what’s on the food menu.

Wonder Polls: Question Everything!

With over 1 MILLION downloads, Wonder Polls has lots of users and fresh content. Answer thousands of entertaining polls and Would You Rather type questions. Ask your own polls, then share them to get your friends anonymous answers. Create local polls that only those in your area can answer. Try to guess the #1 answer in the new game mode section. I could take more of your time explaining it, but you should really just download the app!

  • CREATE: Ask any question you want and get real answers.
  • LOCAL: Create polls that only those in your area can answer.
  • SHARE: Make questions just for your friends or share our featured and public polls.
  • GET ANSWERS: See instant results from your polls and polls you answer.
  • COMMENT: Chat with people about any poll in the comments section.
  • LAUGH: Enjoy answering some of the craziest questions ever asked.

yapQ - Worldwide audio city guides

Turn your smartphone into a worldwide audio city guide.

YapQ is a fun and easy-to-use multi-language app that lets you travel at your own pace.
YapQ brings you audio city guides for over thousands of cities all over the world.
Use your mobile device, on the go, to expand your knowledge on places you are visiting.

Just open the app and it will speak to you - wherever you are,.

Rephrase It! Sentence Reworder

Rephrase It! Sentence Reworder is an a free app which can reword and rephrase any English sentence you input into it. This can be extremely useful for school papers or for a book you are writing.

Rephrase It! has two ways to rephrase your sentence: Basic and Advanced. Basic will try to rephrase your sentence without any help from you, while Advanced will ask you for the part of speech each word is.


Folver is a formula calculator. Finally, you can solve all of those confusing formulas in your hand. No need to remember whether it's x plus or minus x1, Folver does that for you.

This app is free and is great for algebra, geometry and other classes.

Monday Delights

by Yevart

Cooking magazine app with lot of simple recipes and beautiful photos


by BE106

BE106 is a local news site in more than 100 cities in Israel. App has sections of news, sports, business and economy, gossip, culture, articles, free board and more

App uses a lot of Framework7 features:

  • RTL Layout
  • Login screen (not as login)
  • Infinite slider with pull to refresh in each slide
  • Searchbar for ajax search with lazy loading
  • Contacts list (with Indexed List plugin)
  • Photo Browser
  • Messages as comments
  • handlebars templates


HiChat is a Social Network like Twitter. It goes down well with the Chinese university students. But it only towards Chinese consumers, and only provides Chinese.

  • All university own their independent space.
  • The speak inside the App can be anonymous.
  • Anybody can explore help or release depression inside this App.
  • Enjoy a chat with users nearby.


With the app "Laglistan" you get easy access to the Swedish legislation. Each law is just a couple of taps away. Follow references to other laws as you navigate through the legislation. All laws are kept updated with current changes every night.

App Features:

  • Create your own lists and populate them with the laws that you need easy and fast access to
  • Search the complete collection of laws in Sweden ("Svensk författningssamling")
  • Browse through the laws by year of publication

My lekha Webtoon

Cartoon –In full color and read in one long strip per chapter, cartoons are the distinctive style of web comics from Asia. As fans of such awesomeness, we like to translate these web comics into Khmer every now and then, and host them on this site, as well as web comics translated by other groups to share with you a nice collection. Do browse around and see which Cartoons you like.

My lekha TV

Watch the Best and Unique video contents.Korean Drama & Movie with Khmer subtitle is available. Videos- Provides an intuitive and complete visual interface. For making and editing video websites. Video content building can be restricted to the administrators, chosen members (authors) or to all registered users. Submitting a new video takes a minute, and only requires that you know the video’s url on the external video sharing website

My lekha Music

Mylekha Music is web based MP3 application and now released as App. We are the first app which can listen and download all music free so enjoy anywhere anytime!


Do you need the right words to send to him or her you care about? A message that really expresses what you feel? Or are you just looking for a funny joke? Cheeky comment? Maybe an evil punch-line to a friend? If you are so, then this app is just right for you!

River Thames Guide

The complete planner and guide for travel and leisure on the River Thames including where you can go, how you get there and what’s on the way.

App Features:

  • Thames Map and Guide: Interactive River Map, Journey Planner, Locks, Bridges, Weather
  • Boating Advice: Rules for the River, Preventing Problems, Emergency Help and Guidance RNLI approved
  • Buying a Boat: A taster of high quality, handmade Dutch craft from Val Wyatt: Open day boats by INTERBOAT, Cabin Cruisers by INTERCRUISER, Steel Luxury Yachts by JETTEN, Used Craft
  • And many more...


App oficial de Aquasella, uno de los festivales más importantes del panorama musical europeo que se celebra cada año en Arriondas, Principado de Asturias, España organizado por La Real Producciones. Ahora toda la información de tu festival favorito en el móvil! Regístrate en la aplicación para escuchar sesiones de los artistas que han pasado por el festival.

Maharashtra Election Tour 2014

Full Coverage of Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Election 2014

All Candidates (Declared as well as nondeclared) information: Detailed Profile with Updates from their respective facebook page, Review & Discussion for each candidate

All Constituencies Information: Detail Information with Updates from their respective facebook page, Candidates Information, Discussion on various issues in respective constituency

All Parties Information: Detail Information with Updates from their respective facebook page, Candidates Information, Discussions, Get All Updates from facebook without LOGIN or Without Liking page on Facebook !!!

And many more...

Zebra Hooves OSCE Revision

Learn how to perform OSCE stations to a standard ready for finals. Revise your OSCE skills. Test your friends and score yourself.

Zebra Hooves OSCE revision is designed to help clinical medical students learn and revise their OSCE skills, then test their friends. We hope to get more clinical medical students involved in writing content for the app

PolyGen - Polygon Wallpaper Generator

Would you like to have a new, fresh wallpaper? Something modern that still goes well with flat art style and blurry iOS backgrounds?

Meet PolyGen, the app for generating polygon-like wallpapers. Minimal, fresh and pretty, it will bring new life to your phone. Take a look at the screenshots and see on your own!

PolyGen app generates wallpapers randomly, according to a special formula. This way you can have your own unique pattern.

Install it and browse through as many backgrounds as you like. Choose your unique design and enjoy a refreshed look of your phone.

Datingher.dk - Gratis dating

Dating App. Available for Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

App Features:

  • Chat (user recevies a push-notification, when getting a new message)
  • Users nearby (like tinder)
  • Upload images from your photo-album or from your camera directly to your gallery
  • And many more...

Invert Puzzle

Interesting Inverter Puzzle game where start is very simple and very fast, but only the best will be able to beat level 5, and there are 20!


Eurosceptic is the complete, mobile repository of information about the European Union and Britain's relationship with it. If you've ever fallen into an argument in the pub about Britain's place in the EU but couldn't quite come up with any figures or examples to back up your argument, this app is all you need.

App Features:

  • How and why EFTA countries are better off.
  • A 'Frequently Asked Questions' section includes general material about the EU institutions, the EU structure and definitions of common terms.
  • A detailed profile is provided for each EU Member State.
  • Quotations about Europe and/or the EU from luminaries of all ages (including statesmen, philosophers, politicians, business leaders, personalities and more).
  • And many more...

DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver

DMXzone Extension Manager for Dreamweaver is a stand-alone desktop application from a new generation that will make your life easier. In a blink of an eye you can install, update and manage your extensions and templates for any Dreamweaver version above Dreamweaver 8.

App Features:

  • Fully blown stand-alone app for the greatest experience
  • Includes a special Windows and Mac OSX installer
  • Full support for all Dreamweaver versions
  • Super fast installation of extensions
  • Download and install multiple extensions and templates
  • Automatic install of updates
  • Explore new and existing extensions and templates
  • And many more...

History for iOS

History for iOS is the App Store's top resource for everything iOS. The app contains in-depth information on every iOS release Apple has pushed to the public. The app includes a news tab containing the latest iOS related updates, as well as a page displaying the current iOS firmware version.

App Features:

  • In-depth information on every iOS version ever released
  • Latest iOS related news and updates
  • View the newest firmware version pushed out by Apple
  • Optimized for iOS 7

Günlük Burç (Astroloji)

Turkey's best astrology application. Famous Astrologers are updated daily horoscope.

App Features:

  • Horoscope
  • Sign the love of harmony
  • Rising all the details about your horoscope
  • Attractive aspects and features of your horoscope
  • Features of your horoscope and stone
  • Special perfume suggestions about your horoscope
  • In addition, special dietary recommendations of your horoscope