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Framework7 Plugins

Up scroller

This little plugin for Framework7 shows a small blue button at the top of the screen once the user has started scrolling down a bit

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Welcome Screen / Intro Tutorial

This plugin will display a fullscreen swipeable modal window to guide the user through a welcome screen / tutorial

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Toast for Framework7

Framework7 plugin to show little black iOS-like toasts

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WatchUI for Framework7

Apple Watch UI (including optional Home Screen) for Framework7. Great addition for prototyping Apple Watch apps

WatchUI is something game developers would call "total conversion". It changes almost every aspect, but it still keeps that original feeling.

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Keypad plugin extends Framework7 with additional custom keyboards. By default it comes with predefined Numpad and Calculator keyboards, but also can be used to create custom keyboards with custom buttons

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Indexed List

This plugin is for indexed scroll list like in iOS (and Android), currently works only with Contacts List

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Framework7 Feeds plugin brings easy RSS feeds integration into Framework7 app

Plugin comes with easy and powerful JS API to integrate and customize RSS feeds. But in most cases you will not need to use JavaScript at all

It is also fully compatible with Pull To Refresh component, and will automatically refresh feed on pull to refresh action. No additional actions or code are required

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3D Panels

3D Panels plugin converts "reveal"-effect panels to great looking 3D panels which are also available as a swipe-panels

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